Risky Business

Are you cool? If you don't take risks then you aren't. And Spencer and Nathan will make that painfully obvious to you. This is about having courage to reject the norm. It's about taking life into your own hands and not relying on fate, chance or gravity to ruin your day. Be bold. Be dangerous. Be loud. As you listen to the Masters of self help, you will realize that being cool is cool again. And nobody does cool better than Poddery Barn.

Poddery Barn Poddery Barn

It may be old, but it isn't hidden. And you should hear it ring.


  1. Wow... I am very happily "uncool" by these standards... except I don't have a phone cover... or training wheels on my bike.
    p.s. *I* like driving, but only if it is a powerful vehicle (like my parents Suburban) or a manual transmission. :)

  2. It's ok to not be cool so long as

    1) you admit to it, and

    2)you take the proper measures to becoming cool. I'd suggest becoming an accountant if you want real cool cred.