Verbal Vomit

Inspired by The Nightside Project on KSL 1160 AM and 102.7 FM, as well as Spitwads' own Poddery Barn, Landon and Rebecca introduce Verbal Vomit. After hearing their own words, via text, shared over the open airways of The Nightside Project, these two haven't been able to get the taste of broadcasting out of their mouths.

Hopefully containing a little bit of everything, this geek turned engineer and nerd turned stay at home mom hope to inspire, entertain, and maybe just kill a little bit of your time.

Segments to look forward to:
Geek's Corner, This Week in History, Police Blotters, Shout-outs, Stump a Squire, The Book Nook, Peculiar Pinnings, TV Talk, and Hot Topics.

Join them weekly, unscripted and uncut.

Check out their episodes:

Episode 1: The Premiere
Episode 2: Animal Farm Gets Psyched
Episode 3: News, Celebrities, and Ming Ming too!
Episode 4: Coyotes, Cougars, and Men in Suits
Episode 5: Space Case Debate
Episode 6: Presidential Randomness
Episode 7: A Little Bit of Everything
Episode 8: Just Hit Record and See What Happens
Christmas Edition

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