Cornelius Fly

One day in Drafting class back in 2001 or 2002 at Granger High School on a particular day that I don't remember, I doodled. I doodled something like what you see to the left. I drew a face of a fly with one eye abnormally small and one of his antenae bent. That very same day, I also had some crazy inappropriate joke come to my mind.

In my opinion and experience, flies are usually found around dung, feces, animals, or on most pairs of jeans. So, Cornelius' first landscape included a field in which he was going to some dung heap. I then played on some terminology that I'm not really proud of. I love orange juice in the morning with my breakfast, and one sign of a good orange juice is how freshly made it is. Thus the comic was born, "Breakfast Time." Cornelius is asked "Is it fresh?" and he replies in the affirmative and states that it was "freshly squeezed" that morning. Terrible, I know. From a pile of dung and a joke relating feces to orange juice, Cornelius was born.

I made a few comics back then, and I will present those to you first (hand drawn and scanned in) followed by more recent comics that I have featured on my other blog (these are now all done in Microsoft Paint), How Lou Sees It. I'm not an artist, nor am I a comedian, but I guess since I have a comic strip, I am a cartoonist of sorts. I hope that you can enjoy my random sense of humor and my struggle as I try and draw what I see in my mind. Perhaps this will evolve even more as the future progresses, and you my friends will all have a front row seat. Enjoy!

- Creator of Cornelius Fly, Landon Squire (aka Lou)

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