The Modest Poddest is Hottest

Season 2 Episode 4 - Do you like scantily clad women in short skirts? Neither do we! Poddery Barn strips off the layers of school dress codes in its first ever NSFW (if you work at BYU) podcast. Spencer touts his orthodox views while Nathan tries to reason with society. In a day and age where Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest rapidly spread the enticing views of Internet smut, Spencer works hard to shield his eyes from even the most innocent of the burlesque industry.

This podcast is sure to make you want to dance. But only do so under proper, authoritative supervision. That's the rule. And the skeptical eye of Nathan will be watching. Speaking of dancing, in the next 30 minutes, you'll be extremely close to seeing/hearing Friend of the Pod, Caitlyn Ellis bear all! Or maybe it will be kept under wraps. What a tease.

Poddery Barn Poddery Barn


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