Film Strippers

By far the best part of this blog is going to be the section about film stripping (source: pending). Who doesn’t love the idea of taking an innocent movie and tearing away the protective layers made by the marketing team to show the forbidden fruits of the movie’s true worth? I, Zac, will delve deeply into each movie and expose it for what it truly is. Maybe it will be a hidden gem or maybe a movie that kills a little bit of my soul, but far more likely it will be a movie so unremarkable that I would rather discuss oatmeal than the actual plot.

In the reviews to come I will go on many tangents, but in the end the journey we take with my words will help you understand me and the movies a little better. In a perfect world we would also hopefully come out a little wiser. Please read carefully and remember that my opinion is never wrong so anything I say should be taken as fact and never questioned.

Check out the latest strippings:

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