Verbal Vomit: A Little Bit of Everything

We try and catch up after we missed last week. Brief discussions on the Presidential Election, Halloween, Car Salesmen, T.V. Shows (Bones and Psych), Shoe Shopping for Toddlers, Sandy and other potential storm names. One thing that we forgot to mention during the recording tonight is found in the written word below.

So, while we were waiting for our brand new car, Landon just happened to be standing up with our daughter when a car salesmen comes over and asks Landon, "Are you loveless?" Landon just gave him a blank stare back as he thought to himself, "Did this guy seriously just ask me that question when I am with my wife and holding a kid?" It was weird. Finally, after an awkward silence, he asked the question as he should have the first time. "Are you Mr. Loveless?"



  1. I need to do a written shout out to the Car Salesman Doug who we did by our vehicle from. He is awesome! And made the experience so exciting, calm, and happy. Very different from the experience described in the podcast. So if you need a car, I know a guy...

  2. And I do know the difference between by and buy... Self-editing, always a good thing.