Zac Ronér

Zac is best known for his work with the Intrepid Dukes of Laziness and for his sheer manliness*. He is well acquainted with all matters cinematical (not a real word), and feels honor bound to share this knowledge to others. He is the Vanilla Gorilla and will hug the fight out of any man, woman or child.

 Zac loves life, but he often overreacts in his writing and spews forth an incredible amount of hate that is only rivaled by the hate dairy farms have for vegans. He doesn't mean what he says, but he can't help it. Please forgive him for it in advance. Unlike Spencer, Zac is a mighty fan of the U and is willing to write a rebuttal for any blatant offenses given.

* Just look at this video here, and take a quick gander here.

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