Verbal Vomit: Presidential Randomness

We apologize for the delay this week. But here we are. Discussed this week: The Presidential Debate, A Chevy Lumina, Being a Mailman, and A Verbal Game Review.


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Facebook Feedback

Season 2 Episode 6 - Honesty is the best policy. It's even better than Facebook's privacy policy. Everybody needs to hear good things about themselves and Poddery Barn is here to help. Spencer and Nathan hash out the details of yet another entrepreneurial venture as they look to make Facebook truly public without purchasing additional, failing stocks.

Your comments for this podcast are truly appreciated, as long as they are true. The fact checkers are out in full force on this one so watch your punctuation as a simple misstep could cause some serious problems.

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Verbal Vomit: Space Case Debate

We keep it short this week. Space and the VP Debate. Hopefully next week has more to offer...


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Libraries are Sanctuaries

Season 2 Episode 5 - The battle on modesty continues! Caitlyn Ellis comes on the pod for reals this time, sticking her butt into other people's business. And she threatens to shed some layers. She confirms the antiquated belief that women feel best when put in their place. 

The sanctity of the library is under attack. Libraries are where the heart is. As fabric is shed so do test scores, A+'s, and self esteem. Spencer learns that he is also a rampant honor code immodesty violator. Nathan become jealous of the entire situation as he realizes he's missing out on more than just skin. 

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Zac Strips a Movie: Hotel Transylvania

Adam Sandler has not had the best of luck movie-wise lately. He has put out such gems as That's My Boy, Jack and Jill, and Grown Ups and that only takes us back to 2010. I guess he had fallen under the curse that can come from being successful. When you do something well people will give you freer reign. As time moves on you get more and more freedom until you are answering to no one so there isn't anyone to tell you if something is stupid or a bad idea. The same thing happened to M. Night Shamalan. In the beginning his movies were good, but by the end he was the writer, director and producer for his movie The Happening and it was awful, straight up garbage. We need to have someone look at our work and give us another point of view or else we are doomed to have some mistakes. With this in mind I was wary of seeing this movie. Adam Sandler has had too much freedom and I really just hoped that this wasn't the case in this film.

As the film started I as struck by the visuals more than anything. The animators had done quite the job making the film look polished and more believable. I have to hand it to Sony Pictures Animation, they have put out a few quality movies in their short history. I enjoyed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and also The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

I didn't have a good segue so...segway!

To start the movie out we see Count Dracula taking care of his baby girl. We find out that his wife was taken from them and so he wanted to make a place for his daughter that would be safe. He decides that this place should be a haven for all monsters so he builds a giant hotel that should be far out of the reach of all humans. If you haven't guessed the plot of the rest of the movie yet shame on you. As the daughter gets older she feels confined and wants to explore the world. The dad is overly protective and wants her to stay no matter what. To top it off a human manages to show up right in time to mess with the birthday party!

With the concept of this movie I felt there was so much more that they could have done to make it not just decent, but excellent. While this movie followed very common plot lines I still enjoyed it for the most part. I guess the movie did have some good morals for us to learn like not judging people before you know them. So I guess I learned to avoid prejudice or something. I will have to admit that Shrek did a better job at broaching that subject but oh well.

A better movie than the one I am writing about.

If my post feels a bit disjointed and rambly(new word) that is because I have been super bored writing this review. If I don't love it or hate it I just can't get any good emotion going. Maybe if I think about awesome things...no that just makes me sad because I am doing this and not taming a panda dragon. Maybe if I think about things that make me sad or angry...ZAC SMASH!! ...that was a terrible plan! Now my shirt is all in tatters and this student center cleanup is going to be a doozy. I blame you Hotel Transylvania for not being good or bad enough to write about!

So if you have nothing better to do go ahead and see this movie, although I will warn you that Adam Sandler does have a brief moment where he raps. Not cool Sandler, not cool.

Rating: 2.5 Stars


Verbal Vomit: Coyotes, Cougars, and Men in Suits

Verbal Vomit Episode 4. Twenty days after our opening podcast, we discuss what happens when: a coyote gets run over by a car, Cougars beat Aggies (Answer: Rebecca gets to play Police Blotter), you have handsome hair, and a big announcement is made.



The Modest Poddest is Hottest

Season 2 Episode 4 - Do you like scantily clad women in short skirts? Neither do we! Poddery Barn strips off the layers of school dress codes in its first ever NSFW (if you work at BYU) podcast. Spencer touts his orthodox views while Nathan tries to reason with society. In a day and age where Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest rapidly spread the enticing views of Internet smut, Spencer works hard to shield his eyes from even the most innocent of the burlesque industry.

This podcast is sure to make you want to dance. But only do so under proper, authoritative supervision. That's the rule. And the skeptical eye of Nathan will be watching. Speaking of dancing, in the next 30 minutes, you'll be extremely close to seeing/hearing Friend of the Pod, Caitlyn Ellis bear all! Or maybe it will be kept under wraps. What a tease.

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My Relationship with Tom Brady

I am a Colt’s fan. I have supported them for many years and during that time there has been one team that has been our biggest rival, the New England Patriots. The six losses in a row in the early part of last decade crushed me, and I wanted someone to pay. All of my rage and disappointment kept getting pressed down and as it got smaller it followed the laws of physics and it got denser. Soon I had this tiny compressed ball of anger, and it needed a place to go, a focus point to latch onto. I found my anchor in Tom Brady. 

Once I had made this decision I realized that for me to be happy I needed to see Tom Brady fail. He was a really easy target for my disdain. In every interview he complained about having been drafted in the 6th round. He was married to a Brazilian supermodel, he was in GQ magazine spreads and he was a sponsor for UGGS for men.

He was also in constant competition with my hero Peyton Manning. Everything Manning did Brady tried to do better. Manning threw 49 touchdowns in a season; Brady threw 50 the next year. Manning is very down to earth and beloved by millions. Everyone seems to be able to relate to him. Brady on the other hand is an elitist. I have to admit he has chiseled good looks, and it seems like he should be at a gallery opening or at a fashion show rather than on a football field.

Over the years my hate had built up to such an extent that the sweetest moment of 2008 was the play in which Tom Brady tore his ACL and would be out for the rest of the season. My birthday didn't make it as number one that year and neither did Christmas. It is hard for me to admit, but even the birth of my niece wasn't able to top the joy I felt at seeing a man I have never met get injured (okay fine the birth was better).

This hatred had so long been a part of me that I wasn't sure what to make of these new feelings that had been cropping up. Somehow Tom Brady had been chipping away at my defenses without me even knowing about it. I guess I had better explain what had been happening. Forever I thought of Tom Brady as an emotionless mannequin, or a robot with nice hair and a hot wife. I hated what I thought he stood for until I slowly began to realize that he actually does have feelings and a funny bone.

I would like to give you all a few examples of what started to change my mind.  The first took place in a pharmacy in Boston in early July. The shoppers were told that a promotion was going on and if you won a staring contest you would get a prize. As any good American knows we love to compete and we love free things so this was a no brainer. The customers however were not expecting that the person with whom they would be competing was none other than Tom Brady.

After seeing clips of this I was forced to admit that Tom Brady was in fact human. He blinked at times and he could laugh, and if they couldn't get Data emotions in the year 2364 there is no way we would have an android with them in our time. This first seed of doubt in my hatred didn't bother me too much and I was able to just toss it aside and pretend it never happened. What came next though sealed the deal.

Many of you have probably heard about the website Funny or Die. It takes a ton of celebrities and makes short films that people vote on and decide if it is funny or if it should die. I was innocently perusing this site when the next video popped up and it was one with Tom Brady. I figured it should be worth watching just to see Tom embarrass himself, but lo and behold the clip was actually quite entertaining.

I then found myself in a bind. I had been nurturing hate for Tom Brady for over a decade, and it felt like I was betraying myself by liking anything that he had done. To this day I still haven't fully figured out my feeling towards the man, but it is safe to say that the hate I once held for him has lost its edge. I am still not a Brady fan, but I don't desire to cause him harm either and that frightens me.

I am not sure if I am becoming mellow in my old age or if Tom Brady really has revamped his image. I always imagined myself as a crotchety old man, but I also never imagined for a moment that my hate for Tom Brady would diminish. So here I am, a man unsure of himself and his future. If my feelings for Tom Brady can change that means nothing in this world in concrete. Will I be a kind old man? Who knows? Will I always hate Argentina? Who knows? I assume so but I can't know for sure. I started this article in hopes to inspire people that things can change even if it seems impossible, but now I see that in truth this article might do the opposite and crush all hope of constants in our lives.

So to all of you out there be wary, you never know when someone might go through one of these changes so be careful when someone loves you.