Landon Squire

Landon (yes, the very same Landon from the critically acclaimed and unreleased film "Landon's Experiences") joins Spitwads as he continues to broaden his social media and online presence. Starting with "The Wall," a social site similar to Facebook for immediate friends without nearly as many options (but before the time of Facebook), he now has his own blog (How Lou Sees It) where he comments and reviews a various number of items. Most well known for his obsession with board games and getting stuff for free, Landon is also the creator of Cornelius Fly and is pretty hilarious. Most recently, Landon has created a podcast with his wife Rebecca called Verbal Vomit, where they discuss random topics with a sort of radio talk show style.

Landon enjoys reading, movie watching, board game playing, tennis (or any sport with a racquet), free stuff, animals, nature, water, geeky stuff, and spending time with his wonderful family.

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